Food Service

Rannoch Smokery has a huge range of products that fit perfectly into the food service industry. Bursting with flavour, easy to plate and prepare, all of Rannoch’s quality products are a chef’s dream for canapés, starters, salads and platters.

Over the years, the company has worked closely with development chefs and customers to produce the finest tastes and most efficient supply method for catering establishments:

  • Fully chilled to maintain high levels of quality from dispatch to delivery.
  • Long natural shelf life.
  • Large production capacity, but flexible to all order sizes.
  • Custom packaging according to portion/storage facilities.
  • Top quality products that require little prep and generate maximum margin.
  • Diverse and ever-evolving product range for consistency and new, reliable experiences.

Some ideas for planning your menu

In an artisan orientated industry, Rannoch provides the highest standards of production to satisfy European food safety legislation and national company standards. The company currently holds a BRC Global Standard.

Consistently Good
Menu selection is a very important process to ensure consistency and production capability. Just as these fundamental aspects are important to chefs, restaurant and hotel owners alike, Rannoch Smokery puts them at the top of the agenda and always delivers - on time, on flavour and on quality.

Dedicated aftercare
The Smokery has a sales resource specifically dedicated to the foodservice market in order to support and develop its mutual business. If you wish to discuss opportunities within the foodservice sector please contact or call 01796 472194

Awards & Accolades



Cafe Gandolfi in Glasgow was one of the first outlets in the UK to use smoked venison on its menu and became Rannoch Smokery’s first foodservice customer.
"When the cafe first opened no other supplier was offering smoked meats or game. Rannoch Smokery’s range was unique and its delicious smoked venison quickly became a signature dish on the menu and remains a timeless classic to this day. We have tried other smoked venison suppliers, particularly one from the North of England, but they were not as good as Rannoch Smokery."
Seamus Macinness, owner Cafe Gandolfi

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