Rannoch Smokery has developed a £2m Hydro Scheme which will be supplying renewable energy exclusively to Marks & Spencer over a period of 5 years.

The Smokery sits within the sporting estate of Innerhadden, owned by the Barclay family. The Hydro Scheme was considered to be the most effective and environmentally friendly way to generate additional income, consequently safeguarding the future of the combined businesses.

The Hydro Scheme uses excess water from 2 rivers at Innerhadden, which is then siphoned off before being transported through underground pipes to drive a turbine, in turn producing energy which is fed into the National Grid.

The project, which lasted 2 years, is now feeding a healthy 5000 MWh per annum into the National Grid - 20 times the amount of energy used by the Smokery in a year.

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"Business is never easy and you have to take a few calculated risks to make those defining steps to growth. The success of the Hydro has given me that confidence to take those risks and find new environmentally sustainable ways to run my businesses.

The most important thing in any development of business is not to lose sight of the reason for its foundation. This project has shown me that I can keep the integrity of the companies, the land that is the heart and soul of our family life, and still be strategically adventurous in my vision for each."
Richard Barclay, Managing Director, Rannoch Smokery

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